Save the Davidson Barn

...Once and Future Community Center

Lake Eureka

Suggested Locations

The images referenced here show five potential locations for the Davidson Barn Community Center.

These locations are selected to serve as examples, and satisfy at least two major criteria: There is enough space, and there is adequate slope. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and other desirable locations may eventually be identified. These locations are marked in the image above by five white rectangles, each representing the footprint of the barn.

To serve as an index, the following names have been assigned.

Notes: The vertical height of the white 'barn footprint' block is set to 12 feet, and represents the intended height of the upper floor of the restored barn above the floor of the lower level. In each case, some additional site grading would be needed to set the slope. The images shown here, which include elevation data, were obtained using Google Sketchup 2014 and Google Earth, and date from April, 2014.

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