Save the Davidson Barn

...Once and Future Community Center


Davidson barn, built in 1839 using peg and pin construction will be taken down and rebuilt in Eureka as a community center

By Laura Nightengale of the Journal Star

EUREKA – At a glance, the old Davidson barn looks like a ruin, a spacious shed recalling a former agricultural glory whose floorboards you might be wary of trusting with a step.

Upon closer examination, the structure's integrity is unquestionable, the giant wooden beams quiet and motionless despite the whipping winds blowing through the gaps in the walls and standing for the better part of two centuries.

The Davidson barn originally served diverse purposes ranging from housing horses and cattle to the site where the founding members of the Eureka Christian Church held their first meetings, a vision that a group of supporters has been working for nearly 10 years to restore.

That vision was affirmed last week when the Eureka City Council approved a proposal to deconstruct, restore and rebuild the barn on city property to serve as a historic site and community center.

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