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The Caleb Davidson Barn - an essay

The Caleb Davidson barn, constructed in 1839, is situated on the gently rolling prairie of Woodford County, Illinois, just a stone's throw from the waters of Walnut Creek. This was the location where the pioneer community of Walnut Grove (later Eureka) arose as pioneer families from several counties in Kentucky, who shared common abolitionist sympathies, made their long trek to the free state of Illinois in the early-1830s. In addition to their antislavery views, these early residents were also united by a common faith as they were founding members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) community that had its origins in Kentucky. One local historian has written of these early settlers: “Their chief aim was not great wealth but civilization. So, while they built their homes they helped build school houses and churches, sometimes living in dwellings lacking conveniences so that they might provide the other necessities of civilization.” more...

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