Conceptual Design Study

To provide a means of visualizing how the restored barn might appear, and to imagine how certain design features might support future uses of the barn, a 3-D computer model was constructed. The illistrations provided here are obtained from this model, and are accompanied by descriptive text.

Guiding this effort are some simple objectives: The barn should be restored using historically correct methods and materials. The main level should remain open to view, with no added subdividing partitions or structures. Depending on planned uses, the lower level might have some partitions. Such partitions, though, should not detract or hide noticebly the supporting columns and timbers overhead. The illustrations provided here show but one of many ways these objectives might be sustained.

View 1.    The restored barn is shown placed on a slope to accomodate the lower and main levels. The purpose of the wing on the left is to provide space for all the modern necessities, such as stairs, elevator, restrooms, heating, etc. This service wing resembles the existing cattle loafing shed that was added, probably in the early twentieth century.

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